Top 5 Mistakes Made by Game Company Executives

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1) Atari founder Nolan Bushnell had the opportunity to buy Apple Corporation for a measly $75000, which would be worth $190k after adjusting for inflation. Steve Jobs even offered to work for Bushnell during the time and use Atari computer parts for the Macintosh predecessor, of which Bushnell said no. Many believe it is because of Bushnell’s traditionalism, traditionalism in the sense Bushnell was less willing to take a risk on a disruptive tech in the market

2) The Nintendo 2Ds: Nintendo’s 2Ds System was a terrible idea because they spent unneeded money for extra R & D, and the backlash from going backward in the release of a newer game console did not help. Essentially, Nintendo was able to save themselves, but it cost them extra hassle.


3) The 3DO Interactive player seemed to be an innovative concept at its time, but the founder tried doing too much and the games to play in the 3DO were too expensive. When big corporations like Sega and even Nintendo offered better alternatives, 3DO Interactive essentially became smashed.


4) Atari went out of business too early and discontinued some really good game consoles. After that, they switched to a more digital strategy but are not really the same corporation in terms of size, value, and popularity as they used to be. As innovators in the gaming industry, if they made some better management decisions, and partnered on some of their unreleased IP, they may have still been releasing consoles up to this day.

5) Many games have been approved in the past by gaming companies that are rated poorly because of the controversy behind them, such as Disney’s partnership game of the “Titanic”. If companies profit from games based on real world tragic events, this can lead to a huge backlash. Can you imagine if someone made a game called, Holocaust, the Video Game? (A game designer named Luc Bernard did just that, w/ only 4% funding)

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Andrew Kamal is an app developer, programmer, and inventor who loves writing about historical technology and old games.

He can be found in his free time hugging pugs and debating people about which pizza topics are better. 

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