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Lyons/Churchill Bible Record
    ptlogo2A bible record for the Lyons family of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and the Churchill family of Poughkeepsie, New York, says Warren K. Lyons and Mary T. Churchill were married in Poughkeepsie on April 12, 1876 by J. Hyett Smith of Brooklyn. D. H. Richardson and J. G. Moore were listed as witnesses. Warren K. Lyons was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on December 10, 1842, and his wife, Mary T. Churchill, was born in Poughkeepsie on March 27, 1845.
         Data about the siblings of Mary T. Churchill were recorded in this record, including their dates of birth and their marriages. They were the children of George W. and Eliza Churchill. George W. Churchill was born September 5, 1817. He married Eliza Servis on January 3, 1842, and died  December 26, 1898 at the age of 84 years. Eliza (Servis) Churchill was born January 31, 1819. She died January 14, 1904 at the age of 85. The Churchill children included the following:
       Margaret E. Churchill was born October 21, 1843, and she married Albert C. Doughty on May 15, 1864. Also, “Margaret E. Doughty” married Robert C. Poppey, but no date for this marriage was recorded.
        Mary Churchill, who later married Warren K. Lyons, was born March 27, 1845. Her name was listed as “Mary Tanner Churchill” in the marriage portion of the record.
        Catharine Churchill was born August 5, 1846, and Susan Mariah Churchill was born March 5, 1847, but both girls died young so no data concerning their marriages were listed. Susan Mariah, whose middle name was also recorded as “Marah,” died August 19, 1849.  Catharine might have died the same day, but paper loss somewhat obscures the exact day she died.
        John Churchill was born February 9, 1850. He married Lavinia V. Howard on March 27, 1877.
        And Cornelia B. Churchill was born May 27, 1853. She married Egbert M. Allen on April 23, 1873.
        Grand Children” were listed in this record. Although not stated specifically, these were probably grandchildren of George W. and Eliza (Servis) Churchill, for they appear to be the children of the Allen and the Lyons families. Mary C. (or Mary E.?) Allen was born June 18, 1875, and Bessie G. Allen was born August 4, 1877. These were likely daughters of Egbert M. and Cornelia B. (Churchill) Allen.
        Concerning the Lyons children, Fanny C. Lyons was born July 18, 1877. Charlotte Lyons was born November 9, 1881, and Mary T. Lyons was born November 24, 1883. These were likely daughters of Warren K. and Mary T. (Churchill) Lyons. Fanny C. Lyons’ marriage is listed on another page. This entry says P. J. Strohauer of Caro, Michigan, married Fanny C. Lyons of New Brunswick, New Jersey, on June 20, 1900. They married in New Brunswick with M. E. Snyder performing the ceremony. The witnesses were S. E. Slocum and C. H. Lyons.

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